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Today I am going to ask you to sign up for the Secular Connecticut Email Alert List. Let me tell you why. Why you should do it tonight. And How to do it.

Secular Connecticut is a non-partisan, grassroots group that promotes legislation in Connecticut and Nationally. We support the interests of the 42+% of Connecticut citizens that are non-religious, including the 8+% that are atheist or agnostic.

Our positions are based on the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of separation of church and state, that all power comes from the people, freedom of and from religion, along with Humanist values, guided by science and reason.

Right now we support three bills in play in the Public Health Committee
Reigning in Deceptive Pregnancy Clinics
Medial Aid-In-Dying
and Ending Religious Vaccine Exemptions

And in the General Administration and Elections Committee,
a bill to Make the CT Constitution Gender-Neutral, and if we succeed Remove Ancient Unconstitutional Religious Language. Yes, the Constitution State has an outdated Theocratic Constitution.

What can you do?

Sign up for our infrequent email alerts at at the About/ContactUs link on the right of the homepage.

Sign up there and we will tell you when and how you can help.

Thursday we will be sending and alert to tell you how you can help get Aid-In-Dying passed.

Let me tell you about Aid-In-Dying – it has been proposed 14 times since 1993. This year for the first time its passed a committee. But that does not mean it will even get voted upon in the House or the Senate.

The Committee passed it with a trap door. They say they will keep modifying it before it gets voted on. That gives legislators an out – they can say they will decide after the final bill comes out.

We need to call every one of our legislators, everyone of us needs to call. Ask them to support the bill, ask if they will vote for it. If they say Maybe then ask exactly what they would change to vote for it? Tell them you want it to pass, no matter what.

Sign up for  alerts at at the About/ContactUs link on the right of the homepage. And we will tell you what to do.